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Protecting Community-wide Open Space Networks with
Conservation Subdivisions and Traditional Neighborhood Design

Date/time; Thursday, April 21, 2011, 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Location/ Venue; PSNH Energy Park

780 North Commercial St. Manchester, NH 03101

Registration please call;603-228-0351

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“Salmon Falls Family Healthcare of Somersworth, NH recently held a ground breaking ceremony for it’s new facility that will be located at 7 Works Way in front of the Works Family Health and Fitness Center in Somersworth.  The anticipated opening will be Jan. 2012.”


This is a rendering of the 27,000 SF ‘Green inspired’ Medical office building that is currently in the design stage. The client expressed interest in building green for the multi-use medical office building at 7 Works Way.  A renewable energy plan was developed to include some 60 plus photovoltaic solar panels as well as 5 solar hot water panels.  The building design incorporates use of natural light and southern exposures.  Its energy efficient building envelope with use of proper insulation, cool roofing material and high performance windows will reduce the load on its mechanical system.  Check back for final built photos!